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Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr. Muhammad Aizzat Zakaria is a distinguished researcher with an impressive background in Electrical-Mechatronic Engineering, excelling during his first degree with nominations for the Vice-Chancellor Award and Dean's List. After a successful career at Intel Corporation, he specialized in Autonomous Vehicle development, earning a Doctoral degree from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia in 2015. Notably, Dr. Aizzat is a founding member of the Smart Campus Autonomous Vehicle project at UMP, showcasing the potential of autonomous technology while nurturing human talent in Malaysia. His expertise in robotic programming, including ROS, C, C++, Python, MATLAB, and Visual Basic, has been instrumental in pioneering cutting-edge research. As a senior lecturer, he shares his knowledge through training sessions and expert advisory roles, inspiring the next generation of engineers and researchers. Dr. Aizzat's dedication to advancing technology embodies the essence of a researcher making a profound impact on society. 

Research interest 

Autonomous vehicle

Intelligent vehicle

Vehicle stability and state monitoring

Mechatronic system

Mobile robotic

Robotic Operating System (ROS)


SCAV Simulator Development 

The SCAV simulator is developed in such a way as to mimic the actual SCAV prototype developed in our laboratory. The simulator is able to perform the following functions: 

Steer by wire simulation

Mapping algorithms

Vehicle dynamics analysis

Path planning 

Low level hardware development

Low level hardware development to convert the manual control vehicle into the intelligent vehicle prototype. 

IREV Prototype Development 

Prototype development for trajectory tracking algorithm verifications

AGV for navigation research

Ground robot for mapping and navigation research. The AGV is used for research and data collection in order to create an intelligent mobile robot for future.

Sinar Harian 10 January 2022

Smart Campus Autonomous Vehicle (SCAV) in the news

Our research from the Autonomous Vehicle Laboratory, Centre for Automotive Engineering and Intelligent Robotic and Vehicle Laboratory (IROV) are featured in local news for our R&D in the development of the local autonomous system. 

Thanks to the ministry of higher education for providing the fundamental research grants and the UMP for the great support!

The SCAV involves researchers from different background as well as postgraduate students for the R&D development. 

German ambassador visit

Project visit by the German ambassador His Excellency Dr. Peter Blomeyer in his recent trip to UMP (January 2022)