Training and Consultation

Dr Aizzat is experienced in teaching the Mechatronics and Robotic related fields. He has experienced in the mathematical fundamental aspects of robotic teaching as well as the hands-on approach using C++, Python, C, MATLAB and Simulink. He has involved actively in research related to his field making his knowledge on the relevant fields is up to date and using the common tools that are used by robotics researchers worldwide.

Robotic Mathematical Fundamental

Robot coordinate system

Rotation matrix formulation

Homogenous transformation matrix

Robot arm mathematical kinematic modelling

Robot arm mathematical dynamic modelling

Simulation of the robotic arm movement

Trajectory planning of the robotic arm

Robotic arm control system

Autonomous robotic system

Basic mobile robot kinematic

State-space modelling of the vehicle system

Trajectory tracking and path planning

Robot Operating System (ROS) development from code level

Modelling and simulation development in C++, Python and MATLAB

3D simulation for robotic motion environment

Transformation matrix

Sensors principles

Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (SLAM)