IROV Members

Our team comprises people from different expertise to complement each other for complex system integration. Feel free to approach any of us for any research collaboration matters.

Please email to <user> to contact any respective researchers.

Ts. Dr. Muhammad Aizzat Zakaria

(ROS architecture programming, simulation modelling, AV architecture, Robotic system integration) 

Scholar ID

UMP email: maizzat

Ts. Dr. Mohamad Heerwan Peeie (Vehicle dynamic, steer by wire system, drive by wire, Model Predictive Control)

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UMP email: mheerwan

Dr. Muhammad Izhar Ishak (Vehicle Dynamic, System development and modelling, drive by wire)

Scholar ID

UMP email: mizhar

Dr. Mohd Azraai Mohd Razman (Machine learning and Image processing)

Scholar ID

UMP email: mohdazraai

Dr. Anwar PP Majeed, CEng

(Machine learning and image processing, Mechanics and Dynamics)

Scholar ID

UMP email: amajeed

Imran Mohmad Sairaji

(Vehicle mechanical design and structure, project management)

UMP email: mimran

Baarath Kunjunni 

(ROS programming, low level programming and software development, sensors development)

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Mohamad Asyraf Sharom

(Design and product development, mechanical fabrication, low level product development)

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Dr. Ahmad Fakhri Bin Ab. Nasir

(Image processing, machine learning, deep learning, computer programming, database programming) 

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UMP email: afakhri

Nurul Afiqah Zainal 

(Vehicle motion comfort modelling)

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Dr. Ismayuzri Bin Ishak

(Robotic and mechatronic system, additive manufacturing, low level system development)

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UMP email: yuzriishak