Postgraduate Opportunity

We need you! Currently we have one opening for postgraduate opportunity (Master of PhD) at our research laboratory in Universiti Malaysia Pahang. 

Research Project (Closed)

This research is funded by the Ministry of Higher Education by the Government of Malaysia. You are going to complete research on the following topic: 

Formulating a new optimal Bezier Curve fitting control points motion with efficient constraint calculation in providing smoothness path planning in a roundabout environment for autonomous vehicle navigation. 

Research Duration: 2 Years

Allowance: RM2000 per month for two years

Please drop you CV and cover letter to Shorlisted candidates will be called for an interview. 

Skills Required

Project Leader and Supervisor

Dr. Muhammad Aizzat Zakaria (UMP Malaysia)

Dr. Aizzat has vast experience in ROS system development, path planning, AV architecture and simulation modelling. He is also spend most of his times doing the programming for the autonomous vehicle using ROS programming system.  

Dr. Georgios Papaioannou (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden)

Dr.Georgios has vast experience in the autonomous vehicle smoothness modelling. Has published journals for smoothness modelling in the autonomous vehicle development.