>>AV Laboratory and _irov Laboratory

Autonomous Vehicle Laboratory is a research laboratory under Automotive Engineering Centre which focuses on the cutting edge research development on the mobile robotic technology and autonomous system. 

Intelligent Robotics and Vehicles Laboratory (iROV) is a sub research cluster under iMAMS laboratory which is focusing on robotic and intelligent vehicle development. In research, we believe in close collaboration between different research clusters; that is what makes us unique. Utilizing the individual strengths to create something that benefits humans and our local community - "Communitising technology". We also collaborate with the Autonomous Vehicle Laboratory under the Centre for Automotive Engineering UMP which focuses on self-driving vehicle development. 

iROV Laboratory: 

Intelligent robotic 

Robotic motion planning

Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (SLAM)

Path Planning

Control and Navigation

iMAMS Laboratory:

Machine learning

Deep learning

Sport technology

Innovative Manufacturing

Vision system